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Expert Brazing & Heat Treating - Joining metals through customers


Vacuum Heat Treating
We pride ourselves on doing a great job...
Vacuum heat treating - Vacuum FurnaceExpert Brazing and Heat Treating Inc. is a metal processing company specializing in vacuum heat treating and brazing of stainless steel and exotic alloys. Even though we started in 2005, we have since expanded geographically well outside the Ohio Market. We work with customers in determining their particular requirements. We are available for technical assistance in metallurgy, heat treating, and brazing.

We offer heat treating in the form of solution annealing, precipitation hardening, stress relieve, harden and temper and homogenizing castings.

Benefits of Vacuum Heat Treating
1. Helps meet part specifications
2. Minimizes distortion
3. Ideal for stress relieving after rough machining
4. Produces clean bright parts
5. Heat treating of finished parts
6. Well controlled heat treatment
Vacuum Heat Treating for:
• Age Harden Alloys-The process of precipitation hardening, also called age hardening, is widely used to add strength to metal alloy materials. The precipitation hardening capabilities of EBHT include stainless steel, high temperature alloys and titanium.
• High Temperature Alloys
• Stainless Steels including 400 series, 300 series-The process of slowly cooling a metal is annealing and it is an integral part of making materials softer for forming or machining. The annealing process can be used on stainless steel, cobalt/chrome, high temperature alloys and titanium. The annealing process is just one of the heat treating capabilities of Expert Brazing and Heat Treating. We are a small business, with mechanics providing customer satisfaction in local and national markets. The pride of a job well done is still apparent in our interactions and all that we do.
• Exotic Alloys
• Niobium
• Other Alloys
Production Brazing, Assembled and brazed power outdoor equipment