Expert Brazing & Heat Treating - Joining metals through customers
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Expert Brazing & Heat Treating - Joining metals through customers


Our Process
We pride ourselves on doing a great job...
Brazing and Heat TreatingWho We Are...

We are a Brazing and Heat Treating company located in Massillon Ohio. Specializing in high temperature continuous furnace brazing and vacuum brazing. We are committed to promoting brazing through education and experience. Focused on assisting our customers to meet their commitments.

Brazing and Heat TreatingWhat We Do...

- Specialize in high temperature brazing
- Continuous Furnace Exothermic Atmosphere Brazing
- Vacuum Furnace Brazing & Heat Treating
- Our assembly department prepares assemblies to your exact specifications prior to brazing
- We have years of experience in exotic metal vacuum brazing and heat treating including nickel, gold, silver and other alloys
- Heat Treating of titanium, niobium, high nickel, precipitation hardening alloys and other exotic alloys
Production Equipment Includes...
Exothermic Atmosphere Brazing Furnaces
Vacuum Furnaces
Various Assembly Presses